Introducing a New Chart Eligible Format: Fan Packs!

single the app for music sales and fan packs on shopify

The Billboard Charts are getting an update for 2024… 

Fan Packs (new merch + physical album combo) will now be eligible for reporting through Single starting January 16th, 2024.

Fan Packs are a great way to let your most passionate fans show their support with a combo purchase of physical music and merchandise together. And with Single, you can report those sales to the Billboard charts with a simple 60-second setup.

Along with this exciting update comes changes to the way all music is reported through Single. If you are currently reporting physical or digital albums via Single, you will be impacted. For details about what rules are changing, please check out our dedicated article here.


Your First Steps For Selling Fan Packs

Before you can set up fan packs in Single, Luminate must approve them 7 days in advance of the offer on-sale date. For the full fan pack ruleset, please check out the article in Luminate’s help center HERE. This article also includes Luminate’s approval form. Single cannot approve your campaign. Approval is up to the sole discretion of Luminate.

If you don’t have access to the above link, please reach out to Luminate directly via Once Luminate approves your Fan Pack offering, the Single team will need to enable fan pack reporting in your Single account. Please use  THIS FORM to submit proof of your approval to our team.


Fan Pack and Resubmission Pricing

Billboard has also added requirements to Single’s technical infrastructure and staffing. Given this, Single will charge a 2.5% fee on each reported Fan Pack sale to cover increased admin and processing costs.

In addition, Billboard will be holding Single more accountable when ineligible sales make it into our reports. In order to ensure accuracy of our reports and maintain our status as a reporting partner, we’re implementing a new rule regarding ineligible sales:

For report resubmissions due to user error, the first resubmission will be free of charge. Subsequent resubmissions will incur a graduated fee: $250 for the second resubmission, and $500 for each resubmission thereafter.


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