Introducing: Memberships Beta

Introducing: Memberships Beta

For creators, fans are everything. That’s why our team here at Single is all about building better tools for creators like you to connect with and grow your fanbase in ways that foster fierce loyalty and, ultimately, help you earn more. We’re thrilled to introduce Memberships in its baby beta form 👶—and invite you to play a part in shaping it with us! 



With Memberships, creators can set up recurring payments from fans and in turn, reward them with a world of content, goods, and experiences. Essentially, it's a way for you to make more money ✔️ and do more for your fans ✔️ by engaging with them more deeply right in your own storefront. 

Here's the catch. 😅 As we said, Memberships is in beta form. That means we’re still hammering out all the bells and whistles, and we want your feedback before releasing it to the world. We get some valuable insight, your fans get a little something special, and you get to make a little money. Let’s make it a win-win-win situation.

So if you've been thinking about launching a fan club, finding a way to fund your creativity, having a better way to give special discounts or limited merch, or doing something distinctive that brings you closer to your people, this is your opportunity to do it on a platform where you already own everything: your art, audience, and revenue.

What do you say, will you join the beta? Just fill out the form here if you're interested. 🤘