Indie Label Spotlight

Indie Label Spotlight

Single Music x Independent Record Labels

Our tools are for everyone. They work for the smallest of independent artists, but are powerful enough for some of the largest artist shops in the world. Not only that - but we also work behind the scenes in independent label shops.

Today we’ll talk about some different ways that labels use Single to make managing their e-commerce as simple and straightforward as possible. We’ll run through different examples of labels using Single to sell pre-sale bundles, their digital back catalog, to market using BoostLinks and report records to SoundScan. Even if you don’t run an independent label, learning how our tools are applied in different situations will give you ideas to improve your own artist web store.

Pre-sale Bundles

Creating music + merch bundles for fans to pre-order is one of the best ways to build up excitement for an upcoming release. And when labels like Acony Records use Single, they can run simultaneous bundle campaigns at the same time. Setting up different “shops” under one label Shopify store is as easy as creating “artist” collections and mapping those to the main navigation bar. Take a look at the OH BOY! Records storefront for Kelsey Waldon’s new record - White Noise/White Lines:

This makes fans feel they are visiting an artist-specific shop, but allows sales to remain under the label umbrella. As with many parts of the Single experience, digital music is delivered and reported automatically - which makes running multiple artist pre-orders as easy as taking a few minutes to set them up.

Digital Back Catalog Distribution

In addition to selling pre-orders directly from the label storefront - labels can choose to offer their entire back-catalog in digital form through Single. Instead of directing fans to iTunes, labels should send fans to their own storefront - where they keep more revenue and all of the data surrounding sales. This is exactly what independent reggae label LAW Records did:

Selling digital music through Single allows fans to purchase music in the highest quality possible. After the Single team uploads all of the label’s music and creates each release, we encourage labels run a promotional campaign: Our entire catalog - available in lossless quality for the first time ever.


The marketing service we launched earlier this year helps anyone grow their following across the web. And because a BoostLink subscription allows for multiple campaigns to be run at the same time, it’s all the more powerful for labels. They can create artist-specific BoostLink campaigns and attach them to the respective artist’s products. Check out some examples of BoostLinks created by our friends at 100% Electronica:

As you can see in these BoostLink landing pages, this is also a great opportunity to market the label’s channels. Whether they have a Twitter, YouTube channel or even a Spotify playlist - a label should build their following on the platforms they care about most.

Physical Reporting

And finally - our friends at Smartpunk, Stay Sick, Brutal Panda, Art Is War, 1126, Pirates Press Records, Urban Yeti, Black Mesa, Dais, Peckings, and Dine Alone are great examples of a label shops using our physical reporting tool to submit tons of physical record sales to SoundScan. This is an easy set-up - just quickly “tag” records from your shop and we will report them every day, completely behind the scenes.

Powering your label shop with Single music gives you access to the best tools on the market. Our support staff can assist with digital uploads, physical album tagging and fan-side digital support. We’ve focused on building automation into each of our services, so our clients can focus on the complexity of running a label - and leave the time-consuming tasks to us.

Interested in using Single Music for your label shop? Find us in the Shopify App Store!

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