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Livestream Love: Lainey Wilson's Heartfelt Thanks to Her Fan Club

Livestream Love: Lainey Wilson's Heartfelt Thanks to Her Fan Club

Amid a non-stop tour and continuous sell-out shows, country star Lainey Wilson sought a personal way to thank her biggest fans, the Fast Lainers fan club.

She decided on a dedicated livestream, hoping to recreate concert excitement at their homes, and deepen bonds, all while promoting her merch, music, and fan club.


Brainstorming a New Idea

Together with her teams at OneLive, Manhead, and Red Light Management, Lainey came up with a unique virtual hangout: "Going Live with The Heart Wranglers" - an exclusive event for Fast Lainers that brought them a little closer to her heart and creative process.


Picking the Perfect Platform

They thought about a bunch of platforms like Instagram, QVC, and Twitch but they needed something that felt more like their own. Having worked successfully with Single's chart reporting solutions before, the team knew its integration with their Shopify store would enable Lainey to:

  • Stream content on her own terms 
  • Promote products in real-time, directly influencing sales
  • Re-purpose the content flexibly within her shop


Bringing the Idea to Life

Using Single’s live streaming solution for Shopify, Lainey's store became more than just a site for shopping; it was a place to hang out with the artist herself, and even listen to some off-the-cuff tunes in an intimate setting. Fans had the opportunity to witness her creative process live and shop for merchandise simultaneously.


Spreading the Word

To generate excitement, Lainey’s team announced "Going Live with The Heart Wranglers" on Instagram. They invited fans to join the fan club for exclusive stuff and a peek behind the scenes look at her music, and even ask their own questions.


Streaming the Members-Only Event

On July 2, 2023, Lainey went live on her Shopify store. The event, "Going Live with The Heart Wranglers," let fans see into her songwriting process, and they even got some live performances. 


What Happened Next

Post the live event, the content remained exclusively available in her shop for members until July 6th, 2023. This extended perk kept the excitement alive for a few more days and emphasized how much she cared about her fans.


Wrapping Up

Lainey Wilson's "Going Live with The Heart Wranglers" showed what's possible when artists use tools like Single's live streaming. She was able to reward her loyal fan club members, boost music and merchandise sales, and invite more people to join the Fast Lainers.


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