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Live from Everywhere: U2’s Global Live Stream Celebrating Zooropa’s 30th Anniversary

Live from Everywhere: U2’s Global Live Stream Celebrating Zooropa’s 30th Anniversary

Three decades have passed since U2's 'Zooropa' made its global debut, and the album still reverberates in the hearts of fans.

On the 30th anniversary of this iconic album, U2 partnered with Merch Traffic and Single to Live Stream the re-release of Zoo TV: Live from Sydney across 4 Shopify stores with a unified chat. This collaboration allowed fans all over the world to reconnect with the band and relive the timeless magic of Zooropa, even years later.

As a heartfelt tribute, U2 released a limited-edition merchandise collection that included exclusive artwork and mementos from the band's vibrant 'Zooropa' era.

The Challenge

To bring this event to life, the U2 team evaluated various digital services, including livestream platforms and e-commerce solutions. Their goal was to not only stir nostalgia among fans but also fuel the sales of Zooropa’s vinyl reissue and merchandise. 

They specifically needed a service that would provide an exceptional livestream experience while also facilitating merchandise sales. Enter Single.


Why Single?

Having worked successfully with Single in the past, the team knew that its integration with their Shopify stores would ensure:

  • High-quality live streaming of their 1993 tour footage
  • Increased fan engagement and data collection through live chats
  • Boosted merchandise sales through strategic promotion during the event

The Solution

With Single’s video and digital services, the U2 team was able to stream their tour footage live from multiple Shopify storefronts. They sold special merch and physical editions of the album - which Single then automatically reported to charts

Working with the U2 team, Single’s professional services built out a shared event page across the band’s four stores, providing a seamless digital concert and shopping experience for all fans tuning in. The integration with the Shopify platform provided several advantages:

  • A unified platform for streaming, fan interaction, and merchandise sales
  • The same live streaming and chat instance pushed to four different global storefronts
  • A seamless user experience with no mandatory login required to view the stream
  • The capability to cater to their pre-existing fan club using Shopify's multi-pass, single sign-on infrastructure.

Pre-Event Marketing

Leading up to the event, U2 generated excitement through promotional content, teaser clips, and countdowns across their social media channels and official website.

They sent an announcement email to their database days before the event and then a reminder email on the day of the show. The official site featured a live countdown leading up to each showing. 


The Event

U2's four global Shopify stores (US, AU, EU, MEA) were the stage for a live-streamed journey back to their 1993 tour. As fans connected with the band and each other through live chat, they praised the remastered sound quality of the concert, all while experiencing it through their screens. The level of enthusiasm was so intense that some fans hopped across time zones to catch every stream!

Requiring free account registration to participate in the chat encouraged fans to create lasting connections with the U2 brand and each other – all while boosting U2’s website registrations and giving them future opportunities to connect with fans through upcoming announcements, cart abandonment emails, and follow-on promotions.


The Results

Not only did the event drive fan engagement and boost merchandise sales, but it also enhanced U2's global visibility and connectivity with fans. The event brought U2's fans closer to the band, revitalizing their bond through shared memories and collective celebration.


The After-Effect

By bringing fans closer to the band through shared memories and collective celebration, this event revitalized their bond. It serves as an inspiring example for other brands and artists looking to connect with fans in innovative ways using Singles' digital tools that have immense potential for creating unique digital experiences that leave a lasting impact.



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