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Merch Monday: The Black Keys, Mallrat, Waterparks

Merch Monday: The Black Keys, Mallrat, Waterparks

At Single, we're all about bringing every piece of your merch strategy home to your Shopify Store. Music, physical goods, NFTs, you name it — they all belong in the place you have the most control over! Every Monday, we'll highlight some of our favorite merch items and clever strategies we saw from the past week. 

The Black Keys


Whatever your release strategy, content is still king in the physical merch world. The Black Keys nail it with these three from the "Dropout Boogie" release. The jacket and banner are big design hits, and the slip mat is a perfect idea to capitalize on the continuing consumer vinyl boom.


In addition to selling each of these (and more) pieces as standalone items, Mallrat takes the smart bundle approach for physical and digital goods surrounding the "Butterfly Blue" line drop.


Big ups to Waterparks for their approach on the "Funeral Grey" single release last week. The storefront at gives the standard pre-save option and links out to the music video for the single, but they pull a clever social engagement move at the top of the page. Clicking any one of those spinning tennis balls (above) prompts the fan to tweet the #FUNERALGREY hashtag to unlock the hidden content:

If the user has already sent a tweet with that hashtag, the content will unlock. If not, a pre-written tweet will pop up for them:

And from there the user has 3 new pieces of content to share with other fans and friends. We won't show them here, so get over to the website and tweet away to see for yourself...