Self-Serve Monetized Video Is Here!

Self-Serve Monetized Video Is Here!

Calling all creators!

Our Monetized Video tool for Shopify, which has helped artists sell 900,000 tickets and generate $23 million in revenue, is now available as a fully self-serve feature!

Boost your livestream and video revenue by selling access to private content in your store at any time!

Though music has been our bread and butter, opening up this technology expands the world of possibilities for all of the 1.7 million content creators already using the Shopify platform.

“Our goal has always been to provide technology that works for artists, to provide what makes sense,” Stalknecht said. “And now we’re pushing it out to everyone.”

Product Features:

Bundle Tickets with Merch: 80% of merch is sold in the same transaction as a livestream ticket. Bundling together inverts the model of fans buying on the way “out” to buying on the way “in.”

White Labeled & Artist-First: You won’t find our label or watermark getting in your way. Our artist-only branding keeps the focus exactly where we think it belongs — on you and your music.

Box Office Support: Purchasing tickets through your store is simple, but our support team remains on hand before, during and after the show for any questions from your fans.

Auto Scaling: Whether you’ve got 100 or 100k fans tuning in, our servers have been load tested thoroughly and automatically increase capacity when needed.

Own Your Data: Our easy to use, in-app dashboard allows quick access to event sales, revenue and customer transactional data before and after your show.

High Quality Audio & Video: Video is transcoded into multiple formats and automatically delivered at highest possible quality for a viewer’s device, while always delivering the highest quality audio.

Ready to get started?

Talk to our team today and find out how you can make this part of your content strategy!