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Nightly Celebrates "Wear Your Heart Out" Vinyl Drop with Intimate Signing Livestream

Nightly Celebrates "Wear Your Heart Out" Vinyl Drop with Intimate Signing Livestream

The rising indie pop band Nightly has made a name for themselves with infectious melodies and vulnerable lyrics. 

Now with their highly anticipated album "Wear Your Heart Out" set to release on August 25th, the band wanted to celebrate with fans in a uniquely Nightly way.

The answer? 

An intimate signing livestream hosted right in their D2C merch store. Just days before the album's official release, fans could chat with the band as they autographed limited edition vinyl copies in real time. It was a creative way for Nightly to connect closely with fans during this pivotal moment in their journey.


The Challenge

With the new album release approaching, Nightly wanted to drive excitement and pre-sales, specifically for a limited edition signed vinyl exclusive to their D2C store. 

But the event they dreamed of wasn’t hidden behind paywalls or memberships. Instead, it was freely accessible to all fans who could join the signing party simply by clicking the "Watch Stream" button in the store's navigation.


The Solution

Nightly, Futureshirts and Neon Coast created the "Wear Your Heart Out" vinyl signing FREE livestream right in the band's online merch store. Thanks to Single's live shopping tools for Shopify, fans could:

  • Tune in for free and watch Nightly sign vinyls as they purchased them
  • Get a personalized signed copy of the exclusive vinyl
  • Chat with the band during the event
  • Celebrate the album release together


The Event

In just days before release, Nightly went live for fans. Watching the real-time signing while chatting and listening to new music created an intimate, exclusive feel. Fans eagerly purchased the limited vinyl to get their own personalized copy.


  • Drove excitement and sales for the exclusive signed vinyl
  • Created deeper fan connections and album buzz
  • Delivered a unique and memorable experience for superfans
  • Captured fan data via store sign ups



    The Future

    Nightly's signing livestream pioneers a new era of authentic D2C engagement between artists and fans. It's not just about selling products; it's about sharing moments, inviting fans into the band's world, and forging real connections.


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