Picking Your Perks: What Goes Into Each Membership Tier?

Picking Your Perks: What Goes Into Each Membership Tier?

You've laid the groundwork with your membership tiers. Now, it's time to get real about the perks for each level—offering value that sustains member engagement and brings in new sign-ups.

Read on for a list or perk ideas + a couple examples of how artists are using them. 


Start with Your Perk Ideas

We get that perks are far from universal. They can be unique products, premium content, or even exclusive experiences. Here's where you might start:

1. Ticket pre-sales

Sell out your tour faster - and to your most deserving fans - by giving members first access to tickets.

2. Welcome Gift 

Delight members with a free welcome gift, such as a membership card, free product, or personalized thank-you note.

3. Exclusive products

Offer unique and exclusive merchandise that's only available to members.

4. Digital Collectible 

Create a members-only digital collectible that can be transferred to a Web3 wallet and kept forever.

5. Storewide discounts

Reward fans while also driving product sales when you give members a storewide discount on your merch. 

6. Early bird access to audio or video content

Get members excited about your upcoming projects by giving them a sneak peek before anyone else.

7. Downloadable digital content:

Exclusive access to music, videos, wallpapers, printable artwork, or ebooks.

8. Monthly newsletter updates:

Send out monthly newsletters or updates to your members, where you can share your progress, plans, or personal stories.

9. Member-only video library

Offer members exclusive access to video content that's not available anywhere else.

10. Member-only live streams

Engage with your members by hosting live Q&As, performances, watch parties, interviews, gaming sessions, or anything else you can think of!

11. Member-only blog

Go deep with long-form content. Share blog posts with updates on what you’re working on, what’s coming down the line, stories from the road, and more.

12. Member-only photo galleries

Give members a behind-the-scenes look at the studio, creative process, or tour with photos not available on social platforms.

13. Access to Fan Forums

Build fan-to-fan community by giving members access to Fan Forums, which require little effort or moderation.

14. Access to private Discord channels

Set up private channels for only members. This also serves as an easy way to announce new perks.

15. Early access to shows 

Let members join the party first with priority access to get into shows and claim their spot before anyone else.

16. Virtual or in-person meet and greets

Host in-person gatherings as a way to connect with members and build community around your brand.   


Sample Tier Breakdown

In this approach, the artist created three tiers – free, fan, and superfan. For each tier, the perks get a little better. 

Another strategy is to have perks be the same for every tier, but include merchandise with more expensive tiers. 

Read here to see more examples of what perks top musicians are offering in their Fan Clubs. 


In Summary

Your perks are as crucial as your pricing tiers. Aim for perks that not only maintain engagement but also help you hit your revenue and sign-up goals. Get this right, and you’re well on your way to a successful membership program.


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