Reel Talk: How Shopify Stores Used Video in November

Reel Talk: How Shopify Stores Used Video in November

This month saw a mix of interactive live events, exclusive content, and one-of-a-kind fan experiences.

Let's take a look back at what worked and how they did it - right from Shopify with the help of Single.


David Phelps: Intimate Pre-Release Streaming Event

What Happened:

Ahead of his 2024 album "STORIES & SONGS VOL. II," David Phelps hosted an exclusive live streaming event on his Shopify store. Fans purchased tickets for early access to a sneak peek of the upcoming DVD and bonus tracks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Fan Experience: Offered fans a unique and intimate preview of his new project.
  • Direct Sales Strategy: Enabled direct ticket and merchandise sales through Shopify.
  • Valuable Customer Data: Provided insights into fan preferences for future marketing efforts.


MTVoid: Engaging Album Promotion with Q&A

What Happened:

The musical duo MTVoid, promoting "Matter's Knot Pt. 1," used Single's Livestream and Live Shopping features on Shopify for an "MTVoid Q+A" session. This interactive event gave fans a chance to engage directly with the artists about the new album.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personalized Fan Interaction: Fostered direct engagement with fans through a Q&A.
  • Boosted Album Awareness: Increased traffic and sales on their Shopify store.
  • Long-Term Fan Loyalty: Built stronger connections and brand loyalty through personal interaction.


GWAR: Global Show Re-airing for Worldwide Fans

What Happened:

GWAR re-aired one of their iconic shows at different times to cater to fans across time zones. Using Single’s livestream product for Shopify, they broadcasted the pre-recorded show multiple times in one day, with the band interacting in the chat during each airing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Global Fan Engagement: Successfully catered to an international audience.
  • Revitalized Revenue Stream: Transformed archival content into a new source of income.
  • Insightful Fan Interaction: Gained valuable insights from direct fan engagement during the streams.


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