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Restless Road Connects and Sells with Live Shopping Streams

Restless Road Connects and Sells with Live Shopping Streams

Restless Road was gearing up to launch their debut album, "Last Rodeo." But they wanted to create a fan experience that would go beyond just selling music.

They dreamed of hosting a series of intimate live events that would connect them to fans while also driving album sales.



The band was eager to climb the music charts and drive people to their online store. They have a large following on social media platforms and wanted to turn this into real sales and useful customer data. Their ultimate goal: to attract fans to their website and motivate them to purchase the album.


Solutions Explored

Restless Road teamed up with Futureshirts to find a platform that could seamlessly blend live streaming, fan interaction, and album sales. After evaluating several options, they chose Single for its creative flexibility and integrated merchandising system with Shopify.


Solutions Implemented

Restless Road integrated Single's live shopping solutions for Shopify, embedding a live stream directly on their online store's homepage to invite fans to join the "Last Rodeo" celebrations - even days before the event.

Simultaneously, they promoted and broadcast across Facebook and Instagram, directing fans to their web store for a more immersive experience — signing in to chat, buying the album, and getting their names announced.



Creative Touches

Single's "sign in to chat" feature was a game-changer, converting anonymous social media handles into identifiable emails. This not only fostered deeper fan relationships but also paved the way for effective future marketing. 

The band's direct interaction with fans during streams, like signing albums live and engaging in Q&As, added a memorable dimension to their promotional efforts.

"Single has proven to be a driving force behind our sales growth. The platform bridges the gap between an eager-to-engage online audience and the artist—and paired with Shopify, it's definitely a powerful tool." - Futureshirts



The live streams on October 2nd and 22nd were a hit. The approach not only boosted direct fan interactions but also hinted at more personalized experiences in the future. This strategy led to:

  • A steady stream of revenue directly from fans.
  • In-depth insights into fan loyalty.
  • Stronger fan connections.
  • Data for future marketing strategies.
  • An expanded presence across multiple platforms.


In Summary

Restless Road's innovative use of Single's platform is a prime example of how integrating live streams with merchandise sales can not only boost revenue but also forge deeper connections with fans.


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