Shopify Adds Venmo Integration

Shopify Adds Venmo Integration

Use that money Nancy sent you for brunch last week to support your favorite artists

Shopify recently announced that they’ve added Venmo as a checkout option. Here at Single Music, we couldn’t be more excited. Venmo has already proven itself as one of the most convenient and useful peer to peer payment solutions.

We strive to make artist and fan interactions as direct and straightforward as possible - this is why we chose to build our app using Shopify.

According to their press release, 67% of Shopify purchases are made on mobile devices. Many of us already use Venmo - so introducing it as a payment option will only help fans better support the musicians they love.

Artists using Single Music know how simply they can create digital releases, tag for physical reporting, build bundles and publish everything to their Shopify storefront.

Learn more about how Single turns Shopify stores into virtual record shops by chatting with us!

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