Shopify And Spotify Partnership Means Big D2C Opportunities for Musicians

Shopify And Spotify Partnership Means Big D2C Opportunities for Musicians

Big news for musicians already on Spotify and Shopify (and a big opportunity for those that aren’t): the streaming and e-commerce giants have struck a partnership that will allow artists to promote and sell merch directly from their Spotify profile.

Be still our D2C Heart.

“For many fans, Spotify is the primary way they interact with an artists’ music, and we are excited to give artists a new way to capitalize on that moment,” said Camille Hearst, head of Spotify for Artists. “The integration of Shopify’s powerful backend for powering commerce presents a significant step forward in our efforts to help artists maximize additional revenue streams and give them agency over their careers.”

What does this mean for Single Music clients? As we’ve preached for years, hosting a live stream directly in your store drives more traffic and merch sales by treating digital content as a value-add to physical goods. Being able to drive traffic to your D2C platform using the power of Spotify has nothing but truly huge upside for you, the creator.

“As Shopify's dominance in the direct-to-consumer space continues to grow it makes sense that more artists and creators will find themselves on the platform,” says Single Music CEO Tommy Stalknecht. “What drives businesses of all types to Shopify is its extendibility via apps like Single and integrations with 3rd parties like TikTok, Instagram, and now, Spotify.”

Here’s a quick look at how Bayside immediately began promoting their October 22 live stream through their Spotify profile:

“Through this partnership, artists on Shopify can now promote their merch, livestream tickets, and albums to the world's most popular streaming service's 365 million fans,” says Stalknecht. “As Single continues to innovate with new ways for artists to monetize their content and create offerings to fans, through our relationship with Shopify we are effectively partners with Spotify as well.”

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