Shopify Tools For All

Shopify Tools For All

While we pride ourselves on helping musicians and artists, our tools can be used in a diverse range of Shopify storefronts. At the end of the day Shopify store owners are all looking for the same thing - to better understand and reach their customers and to generate sales.

Data Dashboard

Visualize your fans around the world.

Easily surface top customers, products and link campaigns. All of the work happens behind the scenes, giving you a glimpse into your Shopify customers with just a few clicks.

Smart Receipts

Use a white-labeled receipt as a way to promote your channels across the web.

Like many others, you’ve likely found social media to be a great way to showcase products and bring fans into your store. Using our Boostlinks tool you can increase your social reach and target those who are already your customers.








Upsell Campaigns

Would you like ____ with that?

This simple widget helps you promote other Shopify products after a customer adds a product to cart. Create special discount offers only available via your upsell.

No matter your industry, Single’s tools for Shopify can help you work smarter and more efficiently!

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