It’s Official, Single Music Is Now... Single!

Single Music Is Now Single

It’s official, Single Music is now... Single!

After 6 years of delivering and reporting over 10 million songs for artists, producers, and labels on Shopify, we’re moving to a first-name basis and expanding what we do beyond music to support creators of all kinds. ❤️ As part of this transition, we've also changed our domain from to!

This name change is just one of many things we’ve lined up to encourage creators in our community to be able to do more for themselves, including making money. If you’ve been following our journey, you know that we've put our hearts and souls into building the Single you know and love today. We’re taking that same passion and fierce energy into this next phase of Single. At the core of this change, we’re embracing our mission to inspire brands, creators, artists, and humans with creative souls to chart their own course and revolution.

In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing a ton of new tools and monetization options that provide creators like you the infrastructure you need to not only navigate today’s ever-changing digital landscape but also to succeed in content and commerce––and all of the many ways in which these two worlds intersect!

For now, thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us test out parts of Single 2.0. We are stoked to share them with the rest of you soon! So stay tuned and, as always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, our DMs are open... and we’ll keep you updated as we get closer to launch.

- Your friends @ Single