Single Music Workshop @ A2IM Indie Week

Single Music Workshop @ A2IM Indie Week

Merchandise Like a Pro: Use the Tools the Majors Use

Last week the Single team took over the New York Law School for A2IM’s “Indie Week” conference. The panels explored ways that independent musicians can control their careers and stand out in this crowded market.

Our CEO Tommy had a chance to present Single’s suite of tools at a workshop on Tuesday, and fielded a ton of great questions. We love hearing about the problems that independent artists and labels face, because we design future products to solve them.

Whether that’s structuring a pre-sale, creating product bundles, or setting up your artist / label shop - the tools we make are designed to be as straightforward as possible. Because until recently, it took an entire team or merchandising department to accomplish these things. But not anymore.

We also debuted our new promotional tool: BoostLinks. The idea here is for artists to capture follows, pre-saves and subscribes at the moment when fans are most engaged - after a purchase. Build your numbers by targeting those who are already your biggest fans. Learn how to build your first BoostLink campaign here, and look out for our official announcement next month.

Our message last week was simple: Indies now have the tools to compete with the big guys. Through Shopify + Single, everyone has the ability to sell to fans directly. We’re excited to be a small piece in this shift of power towards indie artists and labels. Here at Single Music we look forward to where this takes the record industry, and are grateful to learn with those committed to paving their own path. Until next time Indie Week!

-The Single Team