The Smarter Smart Link

The Smarter Smart Link

Artist Instagram and Twitter bios of late have virtually all included a smart link that leads to a landing page comprised of individual links to follow on other social platforms, pre-save or stream a new song, and more. These landing page links are an efficient way to ask fans to complete multiple actions without visiting multiple sources, but are largely passive in the sense that fans must visit the social profile and decide to click on the link to begin with.


But what if you could make your link more proactive?

Through Single, you can create a BoostLink campaign and "attach" it to any physical or digital product in your Shopify store. Once that product is purchased from your shop, the customer will receive an email with a customizable set of links and message. By targeting customers that have recently completed a purchase, we are providing an additional touchpoint at a time when they are already engaged. In addition, you can view and track multiple data points over time (location, service click-through rate, etc) to help inform your subsequent Boostlink campaigns and gather more knowledge about your fans.


Here are just a few objectives you could complete by using this tool:

  1. Create Spotify Pre-Save / Apple Music Pre-Add

  2. Drive Subscriptions to YouTube Channel

  3. Boost Album Pre-Order Sales

  4. Increase Patreon Followers

  5. Debut Podcast Episodes



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