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Solence Brings Live (Stream) Energy to Screens Everywhere

Solence Brings Live (Stream) Energy to Screens Everywhere

Solence, the Swedish rock sensation, famed for their electrifying live performances, set out to bring the same raw energy directly to their fans' screens.

On July 21, 2023, they joined forces with Single to transform their Shopify store into a virtual concert hall, serving up an electrifying experience reminiscent of their live shows and surprising super fans with a special announcement.


The Challenge

Solence's vision for their event was simple: make a special music announcement and forge a deep, personal connection with fans. They needed a platform that could integrate a ticketed live stream, live chat, and e-commerce experience seamlessly. A challenging combination, until they found Single.


Why Single?

Single's live stream and shopping solutions for Shopify provided:

  • High-quality live streaming for an authentic concert feel
  • A live chat feature to increase fan interaction
  • A streamlined email capture for future promotions
  • A live shopping feature to highlight merchandise during the performance


The Solution

Using Single, Solence created more than just a live stream—it was a fully realized virtual rock show. The live chat was a buzzing hotspot, with fans screaming digital cheers and soaking up the atmosphere as if they were there in person. Plus, the band hosted a live Q&A, making the experience more personal and interactive.

When it came to merch, Solence made full use of Single's live shopping feature. Products like "Blood Sweat Tees", "Hope is a Cult" long sleeve and hoodie, "Dead Tomorrow" hoodie, and "Deafening Emblem Patch and Bandana Bundle" were all prominently displayed and sold during the performance.


Pre-Event and Post-Event Marketing

Before the show, Solence ramped up anticipation on social media, posting a mix of memes and promotional content to keep fans engaged and excited.


After the concert, the band continued to ride the wave of excitement, posting a recap and announcing upcoming live streams to keep fans on their toes. They also kept the live stream available for replay until July 23rd, a move that was well-received by the fans.


The Results

The Solence virtual concert was a definite success. The event sold more than 100 tickets and generated plenty of merch sales. Beyond the numbers, the band built stronger connections with their superfans and piqued interest in their upcoming work.


Feeling Inspired?

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