Reliving a Night in Moscow: How Slaughter to Prevail Turned a Single Concert into an Everlasting Experience

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For Slaughter to Prevail, the hard-hitting Russian Deathcore band, their Moscow concert wasn't just about that one electrifying night. 

It was all about capturing the raw energy of a historic, sold-out show and allowing fans to relive it whenever they wanted. 



Fast forward two years after their legendary show, and a question remained: How to keep that one exceptional performance alive and accessible for fans everywhere?

The band hoped to turn that one night in Moscow into a globally-premiered live stream and piece of evergreen, rentable content.


Solutions Implemented

Enter Single's video solutions. This tool served two key functions:

  • It enabled a global premiere of the concert footage.
  • It set up the footage for rental on the Sumerian Records store.

It also came with other benefits for artists on Shopify:

  • The band retained all content rights.
  • It provided an additional revenue stream.
  • Fans gained a flexible viewing experience.

About the Rental

The rental came with two options: watch for 24 hours or buy for endless replays. Regardless of their choice, fans could also tune in on any device with the added flexibility of watching it or casting it to any device.



To drive ticket sales for the global live stream, they launched exclusive, limited-edition album artwork tees. The band also teased a sneak peek of a live video of their performance of track “Bratva” from the show.



The results were clear. The band sold just as many tickets to the ticketed live premiere as they did to the rental, demonstrating the value of ongoing content availability.


In Summary

Slaughter to Prevail didn't just offer a one-night event with the help of Single's tool; they extended the concert's life, allowing fans worldwide to feel the pulse of their performance time and again.


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