The Official Alchemist Drum Kit Goes D2C with Single

The Official Alchemist Drum Kit Goes D2C with Single

Single is empowering producers to sell signature sounds directly to fans on Shopify

The Alchemist is a legendary hip-hop producer who's made a name for himself with gritty, sample-based production that's raw and unfiltered. And now, beatmakers who want to learn from the best can get their hands on ALC Break Fluid, the official Alchemist Drum Kit, from his label’s store, ALC Records. The kit focuses on drum breaks and includes 40 signature hard-hitting drums that create the staple sound that is The Alchemist. 


Direct Access to the Alchemist’s Music with Single

With Single, accessing the Alchemist's beat packs has never been easier. No need to go through a third-party distributor or reach out to his team, artists can simply browse ALC Record’s shop and purchase the beat pack that suits their sound and needs.  

This direct access to The Alchemist's music makes it easier for up-and-coming and established artists alike to incorporate his beats into their own sound. And at just $40 for 40 breaks, the ALC Break Fluid is an absolute steal. As ALC put it, "the only rule is you must make fire."


Why Other Producers and Beatmakers Should Follow

Single is not just a platform for fans to access The Alchemist's music. It's also the ultimate platform for beatmakers on Shopify looking to make their music accessible to those who appreciate it most.

Here's why:

  • Single eliminates the need for middlemen and distributors, allowing producers to sell their beats directly to fans and supporters. 
  • Producers on Single can maintain creative control over their work and set their own terms, sharing their music with the world on their own terms. 
  • By using Single, beatmakers can connect with their fans and supporters directly, sharing their music and supporting the hip-hop community.


Plus, Single's product for digital releases allows you to preview tracklists, attach liner notes, license agreements, or bundle your music with merch or bonus content – all in lossless audio, in a few simple clicks. This means that beatmakers can spend more time creating and less time worrying about the technical aspects of releasing their music.

Interested in selling beats D2C?

Don't sleep on this opportunity to get closer to The Alchemist's genius – and follow his lead by dropping your beats D2C through your Shopify store. Book a demo now to learn more about how Single can help make it happen.


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