Tips for Naming Your Membership

Tips for Naming Your Membership

Planning a membership program? First things first, you gotta name it. 

Although it’s the first thing people will hear or see, it’s also important to not overthink it.


Clever and Thematic Names

If you want your name to resonate with your specific niche or give members a sense of camaraderie, you might go for a clever or thematic name. For instance:


Lainey Wilson: The Fast Lainers Club

This name plays off the artist's name and mirrors the perk of early ticket access for members. 


Dashboard Confessional: Saints and Sailors Club

Inspired by a song title, the name adds layers of meaning to the club's identity.


Keith Urban: The Ville

Feels like a tight-knit community, right in line with Keith's brand of hometown vibes.


Straightforward Names

On the flip side, you might opt for a name that's more straightforward and gets right to the point, like:


Nickelback: Nickelback Club

No frills, just a direct statement that this is the official fan club for Nickelback.


Metallica: Met / Fifth Member Club

Short, sweet, and immediately recognizable as Metallica's fan community.


Rod Stewart: Rod Stewart Official Fan Club

This straightforward name leaves no room for doubt about what it offers.


In Summary

  • Keep It Simple: The simpler, the better.
  • When in Doubt: Stick to basics. Use the artist's name, or focus on what the artist is known for, or some of its perks like “Vinyl Club” or “Superfans.
  • Don't Overthink: If it's taking too long, pick something and get to work launching! 


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