Tunes and Tactics: The Strategies Behind July's Music Releases

Tunes and Tactics: The Strategies Behind July's Music Releases

With standout releases from Travis Scott, Staind, and Asking Alexandria, July was a lively month for music.

Let's take a closer look at these tunes, and the strategies that shaped their release.


Travis Scott: 'Utopia' Emerges from Mystery

Travis Scott finally dropped his much-anticipated album 'Utopia' and its cinematic companion, 'Circus Maximus,' on July 28th. This album-film drop is a rising trend in the industry, seen again in last month's Kodak Black album and short film release. 

The pre-sale kicked off on July 10th, offering a variety of personalized merchandise bundles and unique album covers, with price tags from $50 to $150. This range made sure that every fan, regardless of budget, could dive into the 'Utopia' buzz and contribute to its memorable launch. 


Staind and Asking Alexandria: Pre-Release Magic

Rock giants Staind and Asking Alexandria fine-tuned the art of keeping their audience on their toes by releasing singles ahead of their full albums. Staind set the tone for their upcoming album 'Confessions of The Fallen,' slated for a September 15 release, with their single 'Lowest in Me.' 

On the other hand, Asking Alexandria launched 'Bad Blood,' a prelude to their new album "Where Do We Go From Here?" due out in August. These albums will be available in various formats—CD, Vinyl, Cassette, and Digital Download—underscoring the enduring value of physical media.


Gus Dapperton and Cher: Limited Edition Vinyl Pressings

Gus Dapperton and Cher dialed into the vinyl resurgence by offering fans unique, limited-edition pressings. Dapperton dropped his third album 'Henge' on July 7, drawing inspiration from Manhattanhenge – the phenomenon when the sun aligns perfectly with NYC streets. His exclusive orchid-colored vinyl pressing was limited to just 2000 copies, creating a must-have collectible for fans.

Cher, in her timeless style, took fans on a trip down memory lane by reissuing her 1995 album 'It's A Man's World' on July 14. The deluxe edition consisted of four LPs, each pressed on a uniquely colored vinyl: red, blue, green, and yellow.


Eric Johanson and Nita Strauss: Pre-Order Prowess 

Eric Johanson and Nita Strauss tapped into the power of pre-orders to boost sales. Johanson's album 'The Deep And The Dirty' was accompanied by an engaging new music video and a pre-release track, driving anticipation for its release on July 28th.


Similarly, Nita Strauss used the release of her new single "The Golden Trail" to drive pre-orders for her album 'The Call Of The Void,' which dropped on July 7th.


As December Falls: Direct-to-Consumer Champions

As December Falls went all in on direct-to-consumer sales, offering a staggering eleven products linked to their album "Join the Club," which debuted on July 21. Their hard work paid off, landing them a number 3 spot on Biilboard’s midweek charts. The band also used social media to show their gratitude to fans and boost album sales.



July's music scene underscored how artists are using creative strategies to engage fans and boost sales. From early releases of singles, limited-edition vinyl pressings, pre-orders, and direct-to-consumer strategies, these artists made their mark in the music industry. The key takeaway? There's no one-size-fits-all approach in music releases. Artists must strike the right chord with their fans.


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