The Upside of the Upsell

The Upside of the Upsell

Everyone wants more fans, and new ones are absolutely worth pursuing, but let's talk Sales 101: if you're not doubling down on your current customers and their revenue potential, you're leaving money on the table.

Now, we’re not saying don’t spend time, energy, and dollars finding new fans. But it’s undeniable that existing customers are warmer sales leads out of the gate. Perhaps nowhere is it more true than in the world of artists and creators that fans who buy directly from the source (your store) are ready and willing to snatch up everything you have to offer. These are your fans, already supporting you with their purchases.

Customer acquisition is hard - and pricey

It’s estimated that you have a 60-70% probability of making a sale to an existing customer, and possibly higher if the sale was direct to the consumer from your store. Compare that to just south of 10% probability for a new customer. Likewise, looking from the bottom line, add 25x more in acquisition cost and it can seem like a daunting task.

Enter Single’s Upsell Campaign tool!

How it works 

In your store, you simply select the items you want to promote and those that you want to trigger the upsell offer. Each time one is added to a cart, a pop-up will provide a convenient option for the additional purchase.

We’ve seen artists use upsells in a variety of ways.

Coldplay, Old Dominion, Michelle Branch, and Dave Hause 

“These are perfect examples of the most ‘basic’ way to use our upsell widget,” says Joe Pillatsch, Director of Recorded Music here at Single. “Because these digital albums require another "add to cart" by the fan, they are eligible for the billboard charts.” (More on that charting thing in a minute!)

Young Thug

“This one is a great example of a digital album being cross-sold with merchandise,” says Pillatsch. “The album was offered at a discount only available through the upsell. This album is also eligible for BB as the price remains over the minimum $3.49 threshold.”

Allman Brothers

“The Allman Brothers shop uses the upsell to showcase a popular product that had been out of stock but is back,” says Pillatsch. “which is often the most successful campaign type in terms of conversion rate”

That sounds good - but is it working?

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s look at some numbers. 

Since the first upsell campaign through Single in September 2020:

Total items sold: 15,000

Total additional revenue generated: $190,000

Used to promote over 200 different charting albums, including a few you’ve heard of:

Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight (#1 Billboard Top rock, #3 Billboard 200)

Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts (#1 Billboard Top rock, #2 Billboard 200)

Trippie Redd - Trip at Knight (#1 Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop, #2 Billboard 200)

Kings of Leon - When You See Yourself (#2 Billboard US Top Rock)

Young Thug - Punk (#1 Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop, #1 Billboard 200)

Ashe - Ashlyn (#2 Billboard Heatseekers)

Harry Styles - Fine Line (#1 Billboard 200)

$uicideboy$ - Long Term Effects of Suffering (#7 Billboard 200)

St. Vincent - Daddy’s Home (#1 Billboard US Independent)

Is it hard to set up?

“Upsells are a simple tool to drive revenue and conversions,” says Elijah Newman, Single’s Director of Support & Artist Services. “If you use Single's digital music service, they are free and a no brainer to use. The tool works with your existing Shopify products, so no difficult set up is required. Just a few clicks and you're ready to start making your point of sale work for you!”

Ready to get started? 

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Reach out to artist support here.

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