How Fitness Creators Can Earn More with Memberships on Shopify

How Fitness Creators Can Earn More with Memberships on Shopify

Are you a fitness creator selling on-demand workouts and products to support your members' wellness goals?

Now there's an easy way to supercharge subscriptions while driving more commerce.

With Single, you can effortlessly supply members with automated perks, top-quality products, and fresh fitness routines—all managed seamlessly from one dashboard.

Here are some ideas to energize subscribers and maximize membership revenue:


1. Welcome Perks at Sign-Up

Lure new members into your community by enticing them with rewards when they subscribe. Greet them with goodies like water bottles, yoga mats, or protein powders from your store.


2. Product Orders on a Schedule

Maintain steady supplemental sales by enabling members to set up recurring orders for apparel, supplements, or accessories on personalized schedules.

shopify yoga membership with product subscriptions for online fitness creators


3. Deliver New Digital Content with Ease

If you offer digital downloads such as meal plans, challenges, or coursework, effortlessly set them up in Single, and we'll ensure your members receive them with ease.


4. Stock and Motivate Home Gyms

Clear inventory while motivating at-home workouts. Send monthly shipped boxes packed with essential gear, apparel and tools. It's a win-win for you and your members.


Ready to get started?

Check out the video below to learn how to spin these perks up in your store!


Feeling Inspired?

Get started on your own:

Install Single in your Shopify store.


New to Memberships?

Read our guide for everything you need to get started with a Membership program right on Shopify here.


Thinking big?

Want to start your own Fan Club or do a Live Shopping Stream? Our professional services team frequently partners with clients to help brainstorm ideas, build websites and more.

Get in touch and let’s talk!

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