💸 Monetize Your Audience on Your Terms

Turn fans and followers into paid members on a platform where you are always front and center. With Memberships, you can set up recurring payments and monetize your content, commerce, and audience the way you want to.

  • Gate access to exclusive products, pages, and videos 
  • Built on Shopify’s powerful ecommerce platform and payment processing tools  
  • Full access and ownership of your member data 
  • 100% branding control

Fan Clubs

Build loyalty, reward fans, and sell more. From private communities to ticket pre-sales and exclusive, fan-only merch – reward, monetize, and engage your top fans with Fan Clubs hosted directly through your Shopify store.

Case Study: Fan Club

Read how Nickelback launched a Fan Club through their D2C Shopify store with Single's Membership product to create a "home base" for top fans.

Creator Memberships (Patreon Alternative)

Colin and Samir often say it: brand deals are the lifeblood of the creator economy, followed second by merch. With products playing such a crucial role in building a career as a creator, why would you build your community anywhere but where your merch is sold? Skip Patreon – launch your membership directly in your Shopify store.

Video Library Subscriptions

Create your own full-blown streaming service with Single Memberships. Upload videos, categorize using #tags, and place them on your website in clean, structured rows. 

Create a Membership that permits access to all or some of the videos. Visitors to your store sign up then login to access your library. 

Case Study: Club Membership

Read how this fan club celebrates the Mickey Mouse Club's rich heritage bringing past cast members and fans together while staying in step with Disney's brand evolution.

Flexible Setup

Single’s Membership product lets you create a program with flexibility to monetize how you want: 

  • Create single or multi-tier programs with different prices and perks for each  
  • Set any price you prefer and accept payment directly through Shopify 
  • Charge members monthly, quarterly, or annually 

Perks That Convert

Single’s Gated Access solutions let you put products, pages, and videos all behind a log-in so only your members can access them. Add previews throughout your Shopify store to encourage sign ups and convert more visitors to members. 

Your Program. Your Brand.

You’ve built a loyal community, you should get the benefits. Bring your members to a website branded for you. Single Membership product is 100% white labeled behind your Shopify store so it’s your brand that shines – not ours.

Your Members. Your Data.

Your members want a direct relationship with you. Stop using middle-man solutions that withhold data and lock you into their service. With Single and Shopify, you get direct access to your Member data so you own the relationship.

📈 Powerful Analytics

Use Single's powerful analytics to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Dig into your top fans store-wide and see which products are driving the most revenue for your store.

Need a hand?

Want to discuss a bigger project? Our professional services team can be your partner. From graphic design to full site-builds, we can help get your program live in no time.

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