8 Tips to Promote Your Live Stream

8 Tips to Promote Your Live Stream

Exciting live stream on the horizon and in need of promotion inspiration?

Look no further! In this post, we'll share five top tips to effectively promote and maximize engagement for your live stream.

Let's dive in and create a buzz around your upcoming event!


1. Create a Drop using Laylo

We’re huge fans of Laylo as a CRM and messaging platform for announcing all of your direct-to-fan activations (including Livestreams).  

Once you sign up, you can make a 'Drop' for your livestream, which creates a custom landing page where fans can RSVP by entering their phone number or email.

Laylo will then send them a reminder message (text, email, or Instagram DM) to tune in on the day of your Livestream. Even better... those fans continue to live in your database so you can message them in the future with other marketing messages.  

Sign up here -- email us ( and let us know your username to get 20k bonus messages (first time sign ups only). 

2. Post on social media

Post to all of your social channels with the date, description, art, and details for how to join your Livestream. 

We suggest doing 3 posts on all available channels: 

  • 3-5 days out announcing the Livestream
  • On the morning of your Livestream as a reminder 
  • 5 minutes before your Livestream telling folks to tune in

Pro tip: If your Live Stream is ticketed, don't forget to link the tickets in your social media profiles or most-popular Youtube videos by setting up online sales channels on Shopify.


3. Email your database

Send an email to your entire marketing list with the date, description, art, and details for how to join your Livestream. 

We suggest sending three emails: 

  • Email 1: 3-5 days out announcing the stream (save the date)
  • Email 2: Morning of - Reminder, the stream is today
  • Email 3: 5 minutes before - We're about to start, click here to access


4. Optimize your shop

Add a captivating banner image and incorporate it into your store navigation, making it effortless for visitors to sign up and share your event, even while casually browsing your shop. Here's a guide for how.  


5. Ask for support!

Your fans, label, and management team are all great partners for promoting your stream. Ask them to share on social, re-share your posts, or include details in any upcoming newsletters.   


6. Add your stream to your tour pages

Maximize the reach of your live stream by prominently displaying it on your tour pages. By linking it with your live gigs, fans scouring for concert details will also discover your upcoming stream event.

Don't forget: 


7.  Get creative with your PR strategy

Seek out influencers who resonate with your brand, prepare press releases, and actively pursue interviews on relevant blogs, podcasts, or local media platforms.

Pro tip: Evaluate the unique aspects of your live stream that could attract media attention. You can even try collaborating with brands that complement yours to maximize the promotional impact. The ultimate goal is straightforward: tap into new audiences and generate significant excitement.


8. Bundle Access for Added Value 

If your stream is ticketed, you can ramp up interest levels by bundling access with add-ons like merchandise. 



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