5 Ways to Use Video Directly in Your Artist Shopify Store

5 Ways to Use Video Directly in Your Artist Shopify Store

Video is an incredibly powerful medium for connecting with fans and promoting yourself. 

Traditionally, artists have leaned on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Twitch to post videos or host livestreams. While those are all great platforms, they present minimal opportunities for converting views into sales of music, merch, or fan club memberships. 

The alternative? Host video directly on your Shopify store where you own the branding, you get the fan data, and you can sell more products. 

With Single you can:

  • Run ticketed video livestreams directly in your store 
  • Host a content library that’s available to viewers for free or through a membership 
  • Rent videos for limited time viewing in exchange for a small fee 
  • Gate videos so only NFT holders can watch them 

Here’s 5 content strategies for using video directly in your Shopify store: 


1. Premiere Your Music Video:

Releasing a new music video is an exciting moment for music artists and fans alike. It’s also a great opportunity to drive traffic to your web store where fans can watch it, sign up for your email list, purchase products, and join your fan club. 

Instead of posting your video directly to a site like YouTube, first host a premier on your website. Encourage fans to tune in on a specific date / time for the video premiere party. 

After the premier, you can always post it elsewhere, but use the exclusivity window to capture as much value from the release as possible. 

Even better – take it to the next level by hosting a livestream before the video where you explain how you made it and then doing a Q&A afterwards. 


Pro tip: With Single plugged into your store, you can seamlessly sell merchandise directly under your stream or hosted video to boost sales without interrupting the viewing experience.


2. Host Listening Parties:

Invite your fans to a virtual event where you play your new album or EP, offer commentary on the tracks, and answer fan questions. This creates excitement around your release and makes fans feel like they're part of something special.

For example, Smashing Pumpkins hosted a two-hour livestream vinyl listening party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album Gish. They offered exclusive merchandise, held a Q&A, and shared "a very special world exclusive preview of unreleased music."

3. Revive the Archive:

If you’re sitting on an archive of footage, it’s time to put it to use. Old concert videos? Behind the scenes video from past studio sessions? B-roll from music videos? Host it all on your Shopify store! 

Super fans want to get their hands (or eyes) on anything and everything related to you and your music. Hosting your archived video collection on your store is a great way to drive traffic and sell more products. 


Pro tip: Launch a Fan Club and slowly release your archive footage one month at a time only to paying members. 


4. Virtual Concerts from Home:

Nothing can replace the magic of an in-person concert, but it’s not always possible to hit the road and perform for fans. And even when it is, not all fans can make it to the show. 

That’s where livestream performances from home come in. With a simple setup, you can give fans a live concert experience right from your living room – where they tune in directly through your Shopify store. 

One artist who has successfully used video to connect with his fans is Matt Nathanson. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nathanson turned to livestreaming as a way to continue engaging with his audience. He performed multiple virtual concerts, including a "Quarantine Show" on Instagram Live. Now, it has become a staple in his fan experience, where every year he hosts an end-of-year annual livestream extravaganza for his fans, right from his Shopify store.

Pro tip: Bring your merch table to the internet – list products directly below your livestream and promote them during the show.  


5. Stream Concerts from the Venue:

This one requires a bit more production, but if you can pull it off, it’s a great opportunity: let fans who can’t make it to your show watch it online. 

With Single’s livestream product, you can stream a full blown concert straight from the venue to your Shopify store. Sell tickets at a discount from the in-person price, host a merch table below the video, and convert the stream after it’s done. With just a little work, you’ve spun up three net new revenue streams from the work you’re already doing with your tour. 


Def Leppard is a great example of how to leverage video to cater to their biggest fans while also reaching a wider audience. They started by using livestreams for their fan club members and then turned them into rentals that are available to the general public. This strategy not only helps them maintain a strong relationship with their core fan base but also enables them to generate more revenue and gain new fans in the process.

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