9 Pro Moves to Boost Album Sales

9 Pro Moves to Boost Album Sales

As an artist, there's nothing quite like the feeling of fans buying your music.

That great news is, there are loads of ways to get your fans hyped about your release and boost those album sales! 


1. Tempt with pre-orders

Pre-orders are a sweet way to let your biggest fans buy your album before it's out. It creates buzz and gets fans talking. Kick off a pre-order to start sales early and watch those numbers grow.

Pro move: Olivia Rodrigo offered a signed photo as a pre-order bonus for her album "Sour," and fans went crazy for it. This helped drive more album sales as fans rushed to get their hands on the exclusive bonus.


2. Give ‘em instant grats

Surprise fans with exclusive content when they pre-order, like behind-the-scenes videos or other unique treats. This builds excitement and makes them eager to pre-order your album.

Pro move: Ariana Grande released a video for the song "thank u, next" to those who pre-ordered the album of the same name. This incentivized fans to pre-order the album in anticipation for its release.


3. Hype your release on social media

Spread the word about your album or single on social media, email lists, and all other online channels to build excitement.


Pro move: Taylor Swift expertly utilized social media to generate buzz and drive the success of her album "Folklore" by launching a scavenger hunt on social media. Fans eagerly joined in on the hunt, sparking conversations and creating a flurry of excitement around the album's release. This clever move helped to bolster the album's success and cemented Taylor Swift's reputation as a marketing genius.


4. Offer a deluxe edition

Treat fans to a deluxe version of your album with bonus tracks, exclusive content, or other special goodies.

Pro move: Drake's "Scary Hours 2" EP had three new songs only available on the deluxe version, encouraging fans to not just stream his music but purchase the EP to access additional tracks.


5. Bundle merch with physical copies

Bundle physical copies of your music with cool merch like t-shirts or posters to boost album and merch sales at the same time.

Pro move: Twenty One Pilots added a t-shirt and beanie to their "Scaled and Icy" vinyl release, which encouraged fans to buy more of both the album and the merchandise. This smart move resulted in increased sales for the band.


6. Create a music video

Music videos can give your album a visual boost and and drive up album sales.

Pro move: Beyoncé's sudden drop of the album "Beyoncé," with 17 music videos, caused a commotion among her fans and led to a significant boost in album sales. The music videos gave fans an exciting and engaging way to connect with the music and experience it visually.


7. Host a listening party

Listening parties give fans a chance to interact with you live and increase the chances of them purchasing your album and merch while they’re tuned in. Make it virtual and host the party right from your Shopify store.

Pro move: Billie Eilish did something really cool for her fans - she organized a private listening party for her album "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" During the party, attendees got the chance to get some special merchandise that wasn't available anywhere else. This made the experience even more unique and exciting for everyone who was there.


8. Team up with other artists

Working with popular artists can help you reach a wider audience and grab more attention.

Pro move: In 2020, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's collaboration on the song "Rain On Me" earned them the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


9. Release NFTs with your music

Bundle NFTs with your album, singles, or EP to incentivize fans to buy your music. You can easily reward fans who support your release by providing them with exclusive access to bonus tracks, merch, or even events through the NFT. Plus, some NFT + Album bundles can even be chart-eligible (New to NFTs? Read our guide for launching your first Collection). 

Pro move: Kings of Leon released their album "When You See Yourself" as an NFT, giving fans the option to choose from three different types of NFTs: one including the album and exclusive audiovisual art, another offering a "golden ticket" with VIP concert experiences, and a third featuring exclusive audiovisual art pieces – all of which fans clamored to get their hands on.


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** If you plan on reporting sales, be sure to check in with your preferred chart to understand how your marketing strategy may affect reporting. If you're selling physical versions of this release (like vinyl), make sure to tag them for reporting