A$AP Rocky Reveals "Don't Be Dumb" At Paris Fashion Week

A$AP Rocky don't be dumb

Unpacking the Strategy Behind AWGE's Debut Runway

In a recent interview, A$AP Rocky confirmed that his next album is in the final mixing stages, breaking his six-year musical hiatus. But he didn't stop there. Rocky turned Paris Fashion Week into his personal album launch pad.



Livestreaming the Debut Fashion Show

Instead of a traditional announcement, A$AP Rocky livestreamed his debut fashion show directly from his Shopify store using the Single app. The models showcased his new "AMERICAN SABOTAGE" line, each dressed identical to Rocky from head-to-toe. 



As the models hit the runway, A$AP Rocky played music from his upcoming album, "DON'T BE DUMB." Then mid-stream, he dropped the release date and opened up pre-orders - all triggered remotely by Single.


don't be dumb a$ap rocky album reveal


Key Takeaways for Artists

Now look, we know this kind of stunt isn't realistic for every artist. But if we unpack Rocky's strategy, there are some gems that any artist can replicate:

  • Think outside the box - What experience can you create that'll have people hitting share and blowing up your mentions?
  • Your Shopify store is home base - Keep it all in-house to capture that peak hype and make the most of the moment.
  • Maximize the moments that already have people tuned in - drop releases when your fans are already locked in.
  • Put that fan data to work –  Make use of the data you have on your fans to re-engage and keep them hooked on your music.


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