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Always In The Club - Nostalgia Reinvented

Always In The Club - Nostalgia Reinvented

There's something special about a fan club, especially one linked to the iconic 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club. 

It's more than nostalgia—it's about growth, evolution, and carrying forward a legacy.

"Always in The Club" embodies this. This fan club celebrates the Mickey Mouse Club's rich heritage. It brings past cast members and fans together while staying in step with Disney's brand evolution.

The Challenge: A Growing Fan Base, A Dated System

Running a fan club comes with its fair share of challenges – promoting, handling payments, communicating with members, offering perks, keeping a database clean and more.  

As Always in The Club's fan base expanded over the years, they started feeling those challenges. Their traditional ways of engaging with fans weren't keeping up with the growth they were experiencing. 

They needed a better solution for managing all of their membership activities in one place.


The Solution: Shopify and Single 

The Always In the Club crew was already running a good portion of their activities through Shopify due to the platform’s powerful payment processing capabilities and app ecosystem. 

That's where Single came in. Our Membership product gives users an all-in-one solution to run a Fan Club generating recurring revenue and offering exciting perks – all through an existing Shopify store. 

Through the tool, the Always in the Club crew was able to add their Fan Club capabilities into the Shopify system they had already set up – and then offer exclusive commerce and content experiences to fans.


Creative Implementation: A Dynamic Two-Tier Membership Plan

Single’s Membership product allows for creating as many tiers as you like, with specific pricing and perks available for each tier. 

Always in The Club introduced a dynamic two-tier Membership - the MMC'89 and Changemaker memberships. 

For a set fee, members enjoyed an array of benefits, such as:

  • Early access to events
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • The opportunity to join the Mouseketeers in making a global difference

Creative Promotions: Tempting Incentives for New Members

To entice members to join, the Always in the Club team used several timely promotions and incentives. 

  • They promised an exclusive early release of video content where members could watch it on release date and then rewatch as often as desired throughout the summer. 
  • They also offered downloads and exclusive access to a Live Stream – The After-Party Livestream with The Party! 



Launch Day: 

With their tiers and perks all lined up, the team was ready for launch. They used their website, social media channels, and email list to kick off the program. The benefits of being a member were immediately apparent to fans.




Strengthening the Community: More Than Just a Fan Club

Always in The Club didn't merely modernize their fan club - they deepened their relationship with fans. By using Single and Shopify, they get full access to member data such as email, which enables them to directly interact with fans to offer more personalized plans and cultivate a more engaged community.


"Single let us launch flexible membership plans. It's not just about being part of the Club – it's about exclusive access, cool merch, and making a global difference." - Team Always In The Club   


Conclusion: A Classic Tale of Nostalgia Meets Innovation

Always In The Club's journey stands as a testament to how organizations can leverage technology to keep up with growth, enhance engagement, and positively impact their communities. It's a blueprint for any fan club, non profit, or brand looking to streamline operations and both modernize and energize their fan club.


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