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Using the same platform that propelled them to stardom, the Flatbush Zombies selflessly strive for widespread equality

Hailing from the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, lifelong friends Dimitri Simms (Meechy Darko), Antonio Lewis (Zombie Juice) and Erick Elliot (The Architect) joined forces to stand as one of the most uncompromising projects across the rap industry, “Flatbush Zombies.” Pairing woozy, lush, psychedelic beats with dense lyricism concerning life experiences and topics such as the importance of self-love, the Zombies reach fans across a broad cultural spectrum. Having expressed their struggle in finding success as black men in music, the group consistently voices their appreciation for the support that continues to grow with each project they drop. With their latest record “now, more than ever,” they brought giving back to the community to new heights.

Released on June 5th, the EP was initially intended to serve as a musical outlet during quarantine, inspired by their fans, and written for their fans. With the onset of global protests concerning police brutality, the project came to represent something far greater. As proud owners of “Rap’s Most Prolific Merch Universe,” their fans are accustomed to merch offerings that follow the promotion of their new music – a crucial outlet for independent musicians like the Flatbush Zombies. However, rather than using merch sales from “now, more than ever” to support themselves during this time, they utilized their web store to raise money for charities that represent some of the hardest hit communities in the U.S. today.

All money earned from the collection of clothing introduced for this latest record was split between three organizations: The Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM), Equality for Flatbush, and Everybody Eats ATL. The 3000 pieces of merch sold out in just an hour, raising a total of over $100,000. Following this unprecedented success, another shirt was released soon after to garner even more support.

Despite their own individual struggles during the pandemic, the Flatbush Zombies used their influence to make an impact outside of music. The sale of themed merchandise for a great cause encourages consumers to support the push for equality in a manner they may not have otherwise, raising awareness for how fans can make their own contributions. Actions like those taken by the Flatbush Zombies during this time bring us closer to the America we all strive to live in, and given the global spotlight on these tumultuous times, doing so is crucial now more than ever.

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Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM)

“BEAM” aims to tear down barriers encountered by black people that prevent them from obtaining access to emotional healthcare services, and to keep them connected with these services so they can continue to receive care as they need it. They achieve the following through educating, training, and promoting their movement through advocacy for the black community and utilization of creative arts.

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Equality for Flatbush

Based in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC, “Equality for Flatbush” seeks to combat the displacement of tenants, homeowners, and small business owners who lack equal legal representation to resist landlords/developers from taking advantage of those in the community through their “Anti-Gentrification” and “Affordable Housing” campaigns. Furthermore, their “Anti-Police Repression” campaign aims to document incidents of police discrimination, harassment, detainment, or brutalization in the Flatbush area, providing access to legal/political resources to battle for justice amongst affected individuals.

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Everybody Eats ATL

“Everybody Eats ATL” is an initiative supported by The Food Move LLC and Wecycle Atlanta to generate an improved and sustainable ecosystem of healthy food for the Ashview Heights community in Atlanta, Georgia. Through fundraising, they regularly provide affordable, nutritious food to the most vulnerable groups in the city, such as seniors and children.

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