Get Ready to Drop: Your NFT Launch Day Checklist

Get Ready to Drop: Your NFT Launch Day Checklist

Congratulations on your NFT launch!

Here are some tips to help you maximize your launch day.


First things first, let's get social!

Make sure to share your NFT on all your social media platforms. 

  • Use components of your collection to create shareable social content - make sure you at minimum have: 
    • 1:1 aspect ratio (square) image and/or video
    • 9:16 aspect ratio (for vertical phone formats) image and/or video 
  • Post to your Instagram wall with the 1:1 
  • Post an Instagram story with the 9:16
    • Use the URL link sticker to drive traffic to your collection page
  • Share a TikTok video of you explaining the collection, holder perks, and where to buy
  • Tweet a link to your Collection page 
  • Post to Facebook with a link to your Collection page  
  • Post in any relevant community channels like Discord or Reddit 
  • Send an email announcing the collection, holder perks, and where to buy
  • If you have a team, Fan Club, or ambassadors, ask them to share or post! 

Update your links:

You likely have a lot of different properties across the web… make sure to link your Collection page anywhere a fan might be visiting. Consider these common places:

  • Your website (if it’s different than your Shopify store where the Collection lives)
  • Link aggregators like LinkTree, Linkr, or Shorby
  • Bios / URLs on social platforms:
    • Discord
    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • YouTube  

E-Commerce everywhere

A major perk of using Shopify as your storefront are all of the integrations they’ve built so fans can buy from you across other platforms. 

Make sure you’re taking advantage of those connections on any platforms you use: 

Next, let's build your community!

Engaging with fellow NFT creators and collectors is a great way to establish relationships and gain support for your brand. 

  • Join 3-5 Discord groups related to your niche 
    • Make sure to introduce yourself to the group and engage in relevant discussions 
  • Follow 25-50 fellow NFT creators on social platforms and like, comment, share their content to show support 
  • Send emails to a few like-minded people and introduce yourself + tell them about your collection

Providing instant value is key!

While you can simply sell an NFT, you’re more likely to have success if that NFT gives the holder a perk for owning it. Using Single’s tokengating product, you can gate things like videos, pages, and products so only NFT holders can access them. 

If you haven’t added any perks to your NFT Collection, consider going back and adding those before you launch it. 

Need help thinking about how to reward holders? Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

Lastly, engaging with your audience is crucial to building a loyal following.

Responding to comments and messages, keeping your audience updated on the progress of your launch, and teasing any future projects you have in the works are all great ways to build momentum for your brand.

Remember, launching an NFT is just the beginning of your journey as an NFT creator. There are so many opportunities to explore and grow your brand, so keep creating new and exciting works, engage with your audience, and experiment with different marketing strategies to keep things fresh and relevant. We're excited to see what you'll create next, so enjoy the journey and best of luck!


Ready to get started?

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