Is your content strategy ready for the busiest time of the year?

Is your content strategy ready for the busiest time of the year?

As you prep for Black Friday merch drops and Holiday livestreams, why send your fans to third party platforms when you can sell merch and host content in your own webstore?

Hosting a live stream directly in your store drives more traffic and merch sales by treating digital content as a value-add to physical goods. We've helped artists sell 1 Million livestream tickets and generate $23 million in revenue in a place they already own and control. Let's get to work!

Why Stream From Your Store?

Bundle Tickets & Merch

65% of livestream tickets are sold as add-ons to physical products, so your holiday stream and merch are a perfect match!

Promote on Spotify & TikTok

Shopify has partnered with Spotify for artists to sell merch directly from their streaming profile, meaning your live stream now has a massive promotional platform for more sales.

Keep More Of Your Money

No percentages, no hidden fees, no BS. Streams cost just $1/tickets and you keep 100% of your merch sales.

Artist First Branding

It's your show, and you own the branding and data. We're white-labeled and behind the scenes, keeping the focus where it belongs: on you.

Artist & Fan Support

We know this is a hectic time of year, so while our video platform is now fully self-serve, we're always here to help you with setup as needed!

Timed Rentals

When your stream is over, easily turn it into rental content for your fans to enjoy later.

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