Kick-start Your Livestream: Why and How to Start Early on Single

Kick-start Your Livestream: Why and How to Start Early on Single

Have you ever considered starting your livestreams a bit early?

With Single, you can do just that - 'open the doors' to your virtual event sooner than you might think. It's less about beating the clock and more about seizing the opportunities that come with the extra pre-show time. In fact, we'd suggest kicking things off about an hour early. As your fans start to arrive, they'll find a buzzing event ready for them to dive into.

So, why open early? Here's the deal:

Engagement: Early access allows fans to chat, share their anticipation, and immerse themselves in the event before the main event begins. It's a great way to set the tone for what's coming next.

But there's more to an early start than just letting fans in sooner. It's also about getting the most out of that extra time. So, how can you utilize this pre-show period? Here's a few tips:


1. Start the Live Chat:

This is your chance to get the conversation going. Engage your audience, foster a sense of community, and maybe drop some fun facts over live chat to get everyone hyped.


2. Flaunt Your Thumbnail:

The thumbnail isn't just a pretty picture—it's a promotional tool. Use this extra time to ensure your offline image thumbnail isn't just eye-catching but also gives a hint of what to expect from your event. It's a fantastic opportunity to tease what's coming up, advertise something new, or point them to your promoted products.


3. Run a Pre-show Q&A:

A quick Q&A session can be a fun way to get everyone excited for the main event. It helps you understand your viewers' expectations and builds anticipation.


Opening early isn't just a warm-up—it's a key tactic for creating an engaging livestream experience on Single. So, why not get things going a bit earlier next time? Get your fans chatting, your thumbnail teasing, and get yourself ready for a standout livestream.


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