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Kings Kaleidoscope Partners with IJM to Fight Injustice on Tour

Kings Kaleidoscope Partners with IJM to Fight Injustice on Tour

Indie favorites Kings Kaleidoscope hit the road this summer with a mission close to their hearts –– fighting human trafficking and slavery. 

To do so, they teamed up with the International Justice Mission (IJM) and used Single to help concertgoers become "Freedom Partners" on the spot at the venues.


The Challenge

Kings Kaleidoscope had a clear vision: they wanted to seamlessly integrate IJM's mission into their live shows, encouraging fans to sign up as supporters. The idea was to captivate the audience through a shared video experience at the concert's finale.


Products Evaluated

Initially, the band used Restream to play the video but quickly found it to be cumbersome and prone to glitches. They were in search of a more reliable, user-friendly platform that would allow them to air the same video every night, live at a show.


The Solution

Kings Kaleidoscope turned to Single's prerecorded video streaming tools. This allowed them to:

  • Effortlessly upload and schedule a promotional 3.5-minute video about IJM at the end of every show
  • Seamlessly integrate the recorded content into their Shopify store, and resurface the video on custom URL redirect.
  • Enable fans to easily take action post-show


The Event

Each evening, as the concert came to a close, fans were directed to a custom URL where the IJM video was ready for viewing. Below the video was a "Freedom Partners" sign-up link, enabling immediate action and offering an exclusive tour tee as an incentive.



  • Extended integration beyond Shopify
  • Provided an engaging opportunity for fans to get involved with IJM
  • Created a turnkey solution for meaningful fan engagement IRL
  • Allowed Kings Kaleidoscope to support justice through their music and platform

The Future

The collaboration displays the potential for bands to partner with causes using digital experiences. By meeting fans where they are, artists can inspire meaningful action on issues they care about that extend well beyond their music, and even their Shopify store.


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