3 Ways Single Music Can Work for You

3 Ways Single Music Can Work for You

Our Tools, Your Store

Here at Single, we often find ourselves focusing on the biggest questions.

How can we build the best tools for independent artists? How can we empower artists to take control of their own stores and sell directly to fans?

Questions like this remind us who we’re here to help and why we started this journey. But sometimes we need to take a step back. Today we’re going to talk about 3 simple ways that Single Music can work for you.

1) Sell Digital Music Directly From Your Website

Shopify is quickly becoming the platform for artist and label shops. But while many artists sell merch through Shopify, they send fans elsewhere to download their digital music.

When you send fans to a third party for your music, you’re giving up a chunk of revenue and missing out on the data that accompanies the sale. Using Single you can quickly create a digital album and publish it your shop, right next to the rest of your merch. The image below is an example of how an album is displayed in your shop.

The cost to sell music from your own site is roughly half of what it costs to sell music through iTunes. Digital sales are automatically reported to SoundScan, whether or not you opt for our “physical reporting subscription”. And unlike iTunes, fans are given the choice to download an MP3 or lossless format.

2) Report Physical Album Sales to SoundScan

Shopify gives you complete control of your e-commerce; you can customize your storefront, manage orders, analyze sales and way more. But for these shops selling physical albums, manually reporting sales to SoundScan can be costly and time-consuming.

Registering for SoundScan reporting is expensive - and that doesn’t include time spent each week submitting sales. With Single, this process is affordable and automatic. Our physical reporting service costs just $10 / month. In just a few minutes, tag every physical record in your shop and we’ll report them daily. Never worry about SoundScan reporting again.

3) Bundle Digital Music With Physical Merch

You can also attach a digital release to physical products in your store. Just like the digital standalone album, music is automatically delivered to fans via email.

A great way to build hype for an upcoming release is by creating pre-order bundles. These are various merch packages which include a digital copy of your record.

For more information about why Single should be a part of your next release, check out our most recent blog post. Take a look at the image below to see a pre-order in action.

Still have questions about how Single Music can work for you? We’d love to chat.

- Joe


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