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Pour Some “Streaming Sugar"

Pour Some “Streaming Sugar"

How Def Leppard Used Livestreams and Rentals to Reach Their Fans

From electrifying live performances to captivating virtual shows, Def Leppard never fails to "pour some sugar" on their fans and leave them with "love bites."  

With hits like "Photograph" and "Hysteria," the English rock band has amassed a loyal following over the years, with many of their die-hard fans being part of the Rock Brigade - a fan club that offers exclusive perks such as early access to tickets and shows.


Customer problem

Recently, the band decided to treat fan club members to something special: an exclusive livestream event, tied to their most recent album, Diamond Star Haloswith plans to offer it as a rental to the public at a later date. They collaborated with our friends at Inveniem to bring their vision to life, and started looking for a platform that could handle everything from ticketing and rentals to recording and customizing livestreams. The challenge was to find a flexible tool that could serve both their fan club and a broader audience, while also maintaining control over who could access it, how, and when.


Products evaluated

Enter Single – the perfect solution to seamlessly make it all happen. Def Leppard had previously used Single's products to deliver a ticketed, white-labeled online event for their High 'n' Dry 40th Anniversary Retrospective Livestream, giving them the confidence to return to our platform to provide another dynamic but familiar livestream and rental experience for fans.


Products used to solve the problem

With Single's livestream video and rental products, the band knew they could record the live event and then redistribute it as a rental to the public – all in one place.


By leveraging Single's platform, Def Leppard was able to provide their fans with an exclusive livestream event while also reaching a broader audience who could enjoy the experience at a later date, on their own time. 



Def Leppard's creative approach

Def Leppard offered the "premier broadcast event" to the Rock Brigade, first airing it right from their Shopify store - also dubbed the Leppard Vault. During the stream, the band shared behind-the-scenes stories of the making of their latest release, and answered questions from their fan club.

This approach allowed the band to generate revenue by making the event available to the public through rentals, while also showing how much they appreciated their die-hard fans, who support them on an ongoing basis through their fan club.


If you're looking to bring live or rental content to your shop, consider these questions

  • How can content and exclusive perks create an engaged fan base?
  • Can you leverage recorded content to reach a larger audience or encourage loyal fans to become paid members?
  • What price point would be reasonable for a livestream or rental event that your fans would be willing to pay for?
  • How can you repurpose live content to generate more revenue?

Ready to start yourself?

If you're interested in bringing live or rental content to your shop, book a demo below -- we'd love to discuss how Single could help bring your ideas to life!


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