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How Sara Evans' Fan Club Powers Super Fan Experiences

How Sara Evans' Fan Club Powers Super Fan Experiences

After more than 20 years of releasing music, Sara has a dedicated fan base, which presented a great opportunity - the chance to create something special for them.

Her goal: deliver unique, exclusive content directly to her most loyal fans through her own branded store. Keep the connection personal, keep the relationship direct.


Finding a Solution 

Sara’s team looked at various options for the Fan Club, including Patreon and some fully custom built solutions. They wanted something that would fit seamlessly with her existing e-commerce setup and wouldn't require a ton of time and effort to build. 


Solution Implemented

The solution? Single’s Membership product. It offered more than memberships. It was a gateway to an intimate fan experience with different tiers:

  • Bronze Tier ($0.00/year): Basic access for new fans.
  • Silver Tier ($7.00/month): More content and exclusive perks.
  • Gold Tier ($30.00/month): Unique experiences and enhanced access.
  • Platinum Tier ($100.00/month): Premium benefits for super fans.
  • Diamond Tier ($1,500.00/month): Unmatched access for the most devoted.

This approach catered to all fan levels, from casual listeners to super fans. The club included a Video on Demand library, personalized welcome videos for each tier, and exclusive merchandise.

sara evans fan club membership for artists exclusive content for subscribers


Launch Strategy

The launch began with a select group of fans, handpicked using Shopify analytics. The full launch was timed around the holiday season, using special merchandise and themed and exclusive content to draw in fans.



The Sara Evans Fan Club achieved:

  • A self-sustaining revenue stream linked directly to Sara.
  • In-depth insights into what fans want and like.
  • Stronger connections with fans through personalized content and experiences.


      In Summary

      With plans to add live streams and other interactive features, the Sara Evans Fan Club is setting new standards in artist-fan relationships. It shows how artists can blend selling exclusive content and products with engaging their fans.


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