Single x Okay Bears

Single x Okay Bears

Single Brings Shopify Product Gating to the Bears

We’re excited to power an entirely new type of e-commerce experience - where members of a community or fandom can prove they belong and be rewarded.

Through this technology, any of the almost 2 million merchants on Shopify can offer loyalty cards, access passes and member tokens to their customers.

We're All Gonna Be Okay.

It’s all OKAY

As of today we can announce the first of these experiences powered by Single. Through our wallet-aware Shopify app, Okay Bears holders are able to access an exclusive set of art prints from IKONICK. You can check out the official storefront HERE.


Single Wallet Aware Shopify Integration


Okay Bears is an NFT project built on Solana. Launched in April 2022, the collection exploded in popularity and was immediately respected as one of the leaders in the space. At the middle is a community that appreciates lighthearted and positive messaging. “We’re All Gonna Be Okay.” has clearly resonated with the masses.

The Art

The offering includes 3 art prints available to the general public:

Public Okay Bears Art


And 3 more available exclusively to Okay Bears holders:

Okay Bears x Single Token Gated Art

IKONICK is a leading digital art brand that specializes in physical canvas prints. A quick glance at their website shows collaborations with Michael Jordan, Monopoly, Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali and Gary Vaynerchuk.

For a Solana NFT collection to be mentioned in the same breath as any of those names is telling of the cultural shift we're in the midst of. In the past there was talk about “monetizing” communities, but that's beginning to sound outdated.

At Single we care about helping merchants activate and engage with their communities - so value flows between them both ways.


Feeling Inspired?

Get started on your own:

Install Single in your Shopify store.


New to Web3?

Read our guide for everything you need to get started with Web3 here.


Thinking big?

Want to create your own NFT collection or tokengate content or products using an existing collection? Our professional services team frequently partners with clients to help brainstorm ideas, build websites and more. Get in touch and let’s talk!

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