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Straight No Chaser Streams Sleighin' It Tour Live in Shopify

Straight No Chaser: Sleighin' It Tour in Dayton November 28

Spreading Holiday Cheer Far and Wide with a Livestream Concert

Straight No Chaser, the acclaimed a cappella group with gold records to their name, redefined their "Sleighin' It Tour" by offering a livestream of their show to a global fanbase this holiday season.

With a little help from their friends at Works Entertainment, they tapped into Single's Livestream platform to send their concert straight into living rooms around the globe.


Finding the Right Streaming Solution

To make it all happen, the band needed an easy way to offer online streaming for the December 22 show. They needed a one-stop shop that could handle:

  • Ticket sales without a headache
  • A live stream that felt like you were there
  • Selling merch right from their Shopify store


    Implementing Single's Livestreaming on Shopify

    Enter Single's Livestream platform - the perfect fit. It enabled Straight No Chaser to set up ticket sales right on their online storefront in a snap. Fans could purchase passes and watch the live show straight from anywhere globally.

    Straight No Chaser - A Cappella Group: Sleighin' It Tour



    This led to some great perks:

    • An exclusive ticketed livestream for far-flung fans
    • Valuable purchase data linked back to merch
    • A fully branded streaming experience on Straight No Chaser’s own site

    "Streaming the show directly to Shopify was huge. We were able to not only bring the concert to more fans, but also to identify those that wanted to participate, allowing us to re-engage them more meaningfully and directly in the future. - Works Entertainment


    In Summary

    The Straight No Chaser show demonstrates how artists can seamlessly blend livestreaming with e-commerce using Single. Fans loved the customized experience, fueling stronger engagement for both now and in the future.


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