The 4-Week Plan You Need for Launching Your NFT Collection

The 4-Week Plan You Need for Launching Your NFT Collection

Launching your own NFT collection? Awesome! It's time to spread the word, create buzz, and generate excitement for your one-of-a-kind digital art on the internet.

With a solid plan, your launch is destined for success. We've crafted a 4-week marketing calendar to help you build hype, nail the launch, and keep collectors engaged. Let's dive in!


Week 1: Creating Interest Before Launch

  • Monday: It's time to tease! Share some sneak peeks on Instagram or Twitter, giving folks a small taste of the NFTs they can expect in your collection.
  • Wednesday: If you manage an email newsletter, offer your subscribers an exclusive preview of the amazing perks and benefits that await NFT holders.
  • Friday: Go live on Twitter or Discord - or wherever your community hangs out online - to connect with your audience and hype up your upcoming collection.

Week 2: Launch Time!

  • Monday: Launch your NFT and highlight the amazing benefits for NFT holders. Need some tips on crafting a great launch message? We've got a handy guide.
  • Wednesday: Make it interactive with a live Q&A on Discord or Twitter to answer any questions fans might have about your collection.
  • Friday: Send a friendly email reminder about the launch, emphasizing any bundles or limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency.


Week 3: Post-Launch Fun

  • Monday: A shout-out post on social media thanking everyone who's purchased an NFT is a nice touch.
  • Wednesday: Keep things fun by retweeting your holders' response or sharing any fun community moments in an email update.
  • Friday: Offer a behind-the-scenes look at creating any holders-only content or merch.


Week 4: Maintain the Momentum

  • Monday: Share your launch journey. Post a blog or video chat about your experiences and learnings from the launch.
  • Wednesday: Surprise your holders with an exclusive live session or some special content. Check out these 15 ideas for attracting and retaining holders post-launch if you're looking for some inspiration.
  • Friday: Remind your followers of the good stuff holders get, and point them from socials to your NFT collection, if it's still up for sale in your store.


Remember, this plan isn't set in stone. Make it yours - tweak it to match your style, your audience's likes, and what makes your NFT collection one-of-a-kind.


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