The 800lb Gorilla in the Room: How One Comedy Label is Disrupting the D2C Media Space with Shopify and Single

On-demand streaming has changed the way people consume entertainment, and 800lb Gorilla Media is helping lead the way.

The power of on-demand content is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. 800lb Gorilla Media is at the forefront of this shift, leveraging the latest tools and technology in streaming to bring stand-up comedy to the masses.


800lb Gorilla Media Group embraces streaming

800lb Gorilla Media is the largest comedy label in the world, producing specials from some of the biggest names in stand-up comedy like Kevin Hart, Matt Braunger, Kurt Braunohler and more. Recently, they embraced the power of streaming to make their content more accessible to fans around the world. Single is proud to be part of that initiative.  



Our easy-to-use video blocks for Shopify enabled 800lb Gorilla Media to upload a library of video content into Shopify and transform their store into a streaming destination for comedy. Now, viewers can buy, rent, and watch specials directly from their webstore - all in one place. 


Not only is 800lb Gorilla Media's shop a great place to watch content, it also features a variety of free specials, so viewers can easily discover a new album or something funny they never knew existed. The entire viewing experience is designed to provide comedy lovers with the convenience of accessing their favorite content from anywhere, anytime, and even casting it to a big screen at home. 




Integrating video into 800lb Gorilla Media's shop has been an invaluable addition to their offerings, providing a major boon to streaming and allowing viewers to quickly and conveniently discover and choose from a variety of content, specials, and promoted products throughout the viewing experience.


A blueprint for the industry

With a content distribution model that combines free and paid options, 800lb is helping to set the standard as the on-demand model continues to be the most popular way that people consume content.

Their model combines the best features of both worlds and is easily adaptable to the needs of the many producers, labels, and creators who want to offer on-demand content and customize access to their target audience. ​

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