Video On-Demand

Turn your store into a video streaming platform and put your content to work.

Use your content to sell more

Don’t just post to social media—premier content in your storefront and make it easy for viewers to purchase products while watching. With Single, you can seamlessly promote products beneath videos to boost sales without compromising the viewing experience!

Diversify your video revenue streams

Deliver on-demand video on its own or add it to your other offerings—NFTs, memberships, subscriptions, and more. You can offer something for everyone in your community and customize access.

Customize the viewer experience

Our app blocks let you drag and drop sections in the Shopify Theme Editor to quickly display video collections. With just a few clicks, you can easily transform your shop into a video streaming platform your customers will be familiar with.

Keep your audience tuned in

Attract and retain viewers with free-to-view content. Plus, bundle access to videos with merch, tickets to events, or even online classes to grow your viewership.

Turn fans and followers into dedicated viewers

Gone are the days of building your audience on platforms you don’t own. With Single, you can sell and deliver video content directly to anybody the way you want.

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