Timing to a T: Music Marketing Lessons from Nickelback & Jelly Roll

Timing to a T: Music Marketing Lessons from Nickelback & Jelly Roll

When it comes to music marketing, timing is everything.

Nickelback and Jelly Roll are proof of this.

From discount albums on Cinco de Mayo to Mother’s Day bundles, these artists have found creative ways to tap into the right moment and generate buzz. 

Jelly Roll's $5.05 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Jelly Roll turned up the heat with a Cinco de Mayo promo, offering his CD or digital download for a catchy $5.05. This offer followed a livestream event just weeks after the initial pre-order launch, keeping the momentum alive and sparking even more excitement for his upcoming release.

Jelly Roll's clever pricing and timing lured fans to pre-order, spiking sales. This Cinco de Mayo spin helped to entertain fans while marketing his tunes.


Rockin' Mother's Day with Nickelback

Nickelback made Mother's Day rock with a fantastic bundle deal. The band's Mother's Day Bundle, including a Boom Box Those Days Tee and a Get Rollin' CD, struck a chord with rock-loving moms everywhere.

Fans also scored a cool 20% off on items like the Nickelback logo keychain and stemless glass cup. This offer helped fans find budget-friendly gifts for their rockin' moms.

To get the word out, Nickelback teamed up with Mainfactor. They used Klaviyo to send automated targeted emails, reaching fans everywhere and dangling tempting offers.


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