How About An Album With That Shirt?

How About An Album With That Shirt?

In October 2020, Billboard enacted a major rule change that effectively ended the industry-wide practice of bundling digital albums with physical merchandise in online artist stores. Billboard reasoned that automatically including a digital album with the purchase of physical merchandise did not accurately reflect a consumer's intent to purchase the record itself, therefore eliminating any digital albums sold this way from chart eligibility (bye-bye, inflated first week numbers!).

In the wake of this new rule, artists and merchandisers were forced to find creative ways to entice fans to specifically add the digital album to their carts while already at the point of purchase. Our upsell campaign allows our clients to encourage additional sales by prompting fans to purchase a digital album after adding specific items to their cart. You can attach the campaign to any item in your store, offer exclusive upsell discounts, and track your progress with the conversion analytics tool.

Now - how do you drive your fans directly to your online store so you can utilize all these tools?

Simple: offer exclusive content that fans can only purchase on your D2C store. By offering access to digital .wav downloads of unreleased demos, alternate versions of popular songs like instrumentals, beat / instrumental packs, or track stems to remix locally, you give fans the chance to own exclusive items while also driving them to your store and establishing a D2C relationship with them on a platform you own and control.

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