When One Release Isn't Enough: The Case for Re-Issuing Your Album

When One Release Isn't Enough: The Case for Re-Issuing Your Album

For many artists, dropping an album is just the start of a long promotional cycle. 

To keep momentum going and win over new fans, many artists opt to "re-release" their albums, spicing them up with new content or cool packaging. In this post, we'll check out three examples of artists who’ve nailed it with their re-release and promo strategies.


1. Pearl Jam's "Vs." & "Vitalogy" Albums Reimagined

In March 2011, Pearl Jam's "Vs." and "Vitalogy" albums got a fresh new release. These reissues, featuring rare and previously unheard tracks, live recordings, and alternative versions, made a big impact on fans and critics alike. The remastered sound and bonus content cemented Pearl Jam's status as '90s rock icons. "Vs." debuted at No. 1 and "Vitalogy" at No. 3 on the Billboard Catalog Albums chart.


2. Harry Styles' "Fine Line" Limited Edition Box Set

In 2020, Harry Styles reissued his second album "Fine Line" as a limited edition box set. The set featured a 24-page photo book, vinyl LP, CD, and poster, all packaged in a custom box, along with exclusive digital content. This reissue was a hit with fans, selling out within hours of its release and showcasing how fresh packaging and bonus materials can keep fans hooked.


3. Dua Lipa's "Club Future Nostalgia" Remix Album

In August 2020, Dua Lipa reissued her critically acclaimed album "Future Nostalgia" as a remix album titled "Club Future Nostalgia." The reissue featured collaborations from top DJs and producers and new versions of the original tracks. She hosted an immersive virtual party, "Studio 2054," to promote it and performed the remixes for over 5 million viewers worldwide


Re-releasing an album can be an effective way to get people hyped about your music again and pull in new fans. Whether it's through deluxe editions, re-recordings, or fancy packaging, you can easily re-release your tunes on streaming platforms and right in your shop to grow your fanbase and keep them tapped in.


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