You Have 24 Hours Until Your Stream! Use This Final Checklist Before Going Live

You Have 24 Hours Until Your Stream! Use This Final Checklist Before Going Live

Live streaming is an exciting way to connect with an audience, but the final 24 hours leading up to the event can be critical.

With the anticipation building, it's crucial to have everything in place. From tech setup to engaging your audience, every detail counts. Use this last-minute checklist to ensure a seamless stream that resonates with your viewers.


1. Make the Event Page Easy to Find

Having an accessible event page is critical so fans can easily join your stream. We recommend adding it to your navigation, or one of the following spots on your site:

  • Add a homepage banner: Let it be the first thing that visitors see.

  • Use a global sticky banner: Keep the link at the top or bottom of the page as viewers scroll.

  • Feature it prominently in a section on your site: Don't let it get lost among other products or content.


2. Get OBS Ready Ahead of Time

Setting up OBS in advance prevents tech issues during your broadcast. It’s the backbone of your live stream, and you need to make sure it's ready to roll.


3. Send Event Reminder Emails

Email reminders ensure your fans have the key details to tune in, which you can find in the "Info" page of the event in Single. It's the extra nudge to remind them of the exciting event coming up.

  • Include date, time, and event page link: Essentials to not miss out!

  • Send at least 24 hours beforehand: Give them time to plan around it.


4. Address Questions with an FAQ

An FAQ helps viewers get answers to common questions without leaving the stream or getting frustrated.


5. Plan for Engagement with Live Chat

Interaction during the event creates an engaging experience, but it’s best to go into it prepared. Here are some tips:

  • Assign someone to monitor and create conversation: Let the conversation flow, but guide it too using some tips we've gathered for you.

  • Join the chat early to greet viewers: Make them feel welcome.

  • Customize the offline thumbnail, especially if your doors open 1-2 hours before the event starts: It sets the tone for the entire event.



You've got your live streaming plan in place, and with these steps, your fans are sure to have an amazing experience. With 24 hours to go, this checklist is your final preparation tool to guarantee a smooth and engaging live stream. 


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