Your Post-Release Playbook: 7 Strategies Major Label Artists Use to Maximize Their Sales

Your Post-Release Playbook: 7 Strategies Major Label Artists Use to Maximize Their Sales

Congratulations on releasing your new music!

Now it’s time to drive some sales. 

To keep your music top-of-mind and drive fans back to your shop, it's essential to have a post-release plan in place.

Major label artists have a playbook for this, and we've gathered 7 proven strategies to keep your music in the spotlight:


1. Release remixes or alternate versions

Keep things fresh by releasing remixes, demos, or alternate versions of your song/album after the initial release. 

Example from a pro: Taylor Swift released a remix of her hit single "Willow" featuring Bon Iver several weeks after the original release.

2. Start a fan club

Launch a fan club after the release of your album to incentivize fans to join for early access to shows and pre-sale tickets. 



Example from a pro: Nickelback launched a fan club after the release of their 2022 studio album "Rollin'" and announced it with the upcoming 2023 tour.


3. Host a livestream in your store! 

Nothing beats the power of a live performance. Hosting a livestream performance directly in your Shopify store is a great way to drive traffic back to the place where fans can actually purchase your music. Even better, after the stream is done, you can monetize it by making it available as a rental. 

Example from a pro: Artists like Dashboard Confessional, Metallica, Young the Giant, Def Leppard, and hundreds more have used Single to host livestreams directly in their Shopify stores. 


4. Release music videos

Keep your song relevant by releasing a music video a few weeks or even months after the initial release. A nifty trick to increase album sales and draw fans to your store is to premiere your music video in-house before it goes live on major platforms like YouTube. This windowing strategy creates a buzz of exclusivity and might even inspire fans to snap up your album or merch on the spot!

Example from a pro: Harry Styles released a music video for his hit single "Watermelon Sugar" several months after the song was first released.


5. Offer limited edition merchandise

Incentivize fans to buy your album and create a sense of exclusivity by offering limited edition merchandise. If you’re unsure of how many products you will sell, you can use a print-on-demand vendor like Printful or Amplifier, which only makes products after you sell them. 

Example from a pro: Billie Eilish released a limited edition box set of her album "Happier Than Ever" several months after the initial release.


6. Give back to your fans

Show your gratitude for fans who have supported your album by gifting them an NFT that unlocks exclusive perks like limited edition merchandise, early access to content, and even VIP event tickets. Not only will this reward your loyal fans, but it will also build a stronger connection with them, potentially unlock future value for them, and drive them back to your store.

Example from a pro: In April 2021, The Weeknd released an NFT collection that included a preview of a new song and visual art. The collection sold out in minutes and reportedly brought in over $2 million in sales.


7. Merchandise and exclusive bundles

Sell merchandise and exclusive album bundles to incentivize fans to buy the album. These might include limited edition vinyl or CD releases, t-shirts, posters, or other exclusive items. 

Example from a pro: Taylor Swift released an exclusive deluxe edition of her album "Folklore" bundled with a cardigan, which quickly sold out.


Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're ready to dive in solo and install Single in your Shopify store or want some extra support for a bigger project, we've got you covered. Our team is here to help you along the way. And remember, don't be afraid to experiment and try different tactics to find what works best for you and your fans!

Note: Chart companies such as Billboard have specific rules about how albums can be promoted / sold and still be counted in their charts. If chart reporting is a priority for you, make sure to review the rules before implementing any out-of-the-box marketing ideas.