Fan Packs Herald the Return of Music + Merch to Billboard Charts

Fan Packs Herald the Return of Music + Merch to Billboard Charts

The Golden Age of Artist E-Commerce Revisited

To those in the music industry during 2018 - 2021, “merch bundles” need no introduction. For everyone else - this was the golden age of artist e-commerce. 

Nearly every major release included a music + merch combo product, resulting in some of the most creative album rollouts we've seen. 

Kesha raising hell hot sauce and candle bundle fan pack billboard

This era was pivotal for artist revenue, especially in a landscape reshaped by music platforms like Napster and Spotify. But this golden age of merch eventually saw a change with "boxed sets" from major labels dominating the scene, leaving independent artists in the shadows due to the high production costs.

billie eilish box set fan pack billboard bundle box set


Introducing Fan Packs - Billboards Peace Offering to Artists Everywhere

But this month... all that changes. 

Merchandise is making a chart comeback, reimagined as Fan Packs! This new approach levels the playing field, allowing artists of all sizes to combine their music with merch for chart consideration once again.


Inspiration for Your Fan Packs

This is a major win for artists, and here at Single, we're pumped to help democratize the bundling possibilities. With new Billboard rules in play (Sorry Kesha, hot sauce no longer allowed), we're committed to helping every artist maximize Fan Packs in their strategy. 

Below are some merch + music combos to inspire you:


Lil Dick Penith TEE + CD

lil dicky penith tee + CD fan pack billboard shopify reporting 

Made for More Fan Pack - Shirt + SIGNED CD

bethel Made for More Fan Pack - Shirt + SIGNED CD


The Rocket Summer Polaroid Pack

The Rocket Summer Polaroid Pack Fan Pack Merch Bundle Billboard


What Will Your Fan Pack Look Like?

Fan Packs open a new door for artists to grain Billboard chart success through creative music + merch strategies. If you have questions about getting started, don't hesitate to reach out - or get started on your own: