Reel Talk: How Shopify Stores Used Video in June

Reel Talk: How Shopify Stores Used Video in June

This past month, artists, creators, and brands have been innovating on Shopify, delivering content to their audiences in creative ways.

Here are some of our favorite ways creators on Single have turned videos into live, interactive experiences - right from their stores!


Back from the Vaults: Slaughter to Prevail’s 'Live in Moscow'

Who said a live gig has a short shelf-life? Slaughter to Prevail begs to differ. This June, they collaborated with Sumerian Records and tapped into Single's pay-per-view tools, giving their 2021 'Live in Moscow' concert a reboot for a long encore weekend.



A key takeaway here – old content is far from dead. Repurpose it, and you’ve got yourself an audience magnet and a revenue generator right through your Shopify store.


Comedy Night Meet Live Chat: Keith Lowell Jensen's Stand Up Special

Keith Lowell Jensen added a new dimension to his comedy special premiere, 'What I Was Arrested For.' Thanks to Single’s pre-recorded livestream, the audience was invited to a virtual after-party to hang with Jensen and other fans.



Here’s where things got real; fans got to chat live with Jensen. This was for no passive watching experience– this was hanging out with the comedian.


Exclusivity Sells: Always in the Club’s Membership Strategy

Always in the Club knows the magic of exclusivity. Using Single’s membership and livestream tools, they set up an exclusive bash for paid members. Early access to content, downloads, and an After-Party Live Stream – pretty sweet deal for signing up.


This approach created interest, made fans feel valued, and turned a profit. And it's not just for clubs - artists, fitness instructors, podcasters - anyone can use exclusive content and experiences to drive membership sign-ups and boost revenue. 


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